Sunday, June 14, 2015



For Khaleefa

More Than Words

Marriage (Pillars)

When you have a pillar. You love them & you start collecting stars in order the future to look great. Esp when you have children that you cant imagine them having downtime like your own. It is about to complete, when you just realize that the pillar about to crack and sudden it also brings you down. You didn't manage to grab the Pillar but only the child you able to grab, in hoping for miracle it will not break down... So there, where you about to know that some bugs came eating up your pillars when you are too busy collecting stone which you have might think they are stars... Everything collapse when the pillar didnt asked for help, or you are just too busy collecting stars...

 Pillar = Husband
Bugs = Bad advice

 Anyhow if the Pillar is not made from concrete it wouldnt much sustain the weight. And if you possible to manage the weight, it wouldnt break. But...... Human made mistake. We repent.

21 Guns

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I was told, when young. Choose the wealthiest as they have everything & everything will do good when you have money. So i did. But exactly you do not know when they show off their parents money. They went to so called "International School", so i left my kampung boy knowing that he do not know what to do. I am impress with the new guy because i wanted to be like the family. Exactly.. i am leaving my family behind for the life that i want, & i think it is right... Years later, i was left behind he was doing superb, i forgive until i yet find someone who is like me. He drove theCAR, owns BIGHeart, let me drove his car & i manage to persuade myself that the jerk i was b4, sungguh berlagak vavi showing off people that he has the life "people" want... (childish years) But when you delay a marriage, when Allah has yet gave you a moment to go for it.. Things would have been better. But it is okay , i forgive & knowing he is living a good Life.. Alhamdulillah... I was saved by my kampung boy & get to know things that i didnt catch, Try to blend in with the culture of soft spoken. From being seperated, as he is engaged in Trg & i am in KL. Until i bow to Allah to brings him to KL & wonders & moment that i would spent with him soon.. I draw all the possible moment... But the existance turned into something else (-_-) .. I changed & try hard to switch my soul to a better person. So i cant be Mad to someone who is walking the path i walked b4... Life is a choice. Now i understand, the Faith someone told me years b4 i had my child. Life indeed a constant changing then you will discover something else. Our destination is indeed back to Allah. There's no right or wrong, just time to heal the pain. Meanwhile living the fullest with the only child i have for now.. yeap with the big family... I hope Allah 4give me to even to the darkest things i have hide..during youngsters.. Who ever i hurt, or i mistakenly say no to, there must be a reason behind it & again i crave for all forgiveness. ... (-_-)... Salams